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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Environment Pillar

This Is the Environmental Pillar that One of the Presidential Candidate aspires to use to drive to Prosperity; If you can relate with it, then you definitely relate to his leadership style. TUNAWESMAKE!!!


Kenya must realise that we stand to lose the most with the changes in climate. This is why it is necessary to move from rain fed agriculture to other avenues.

Strict implementation of the international conventions.

Peter Kenneth commits to strengthen and to better integrate environment and NRM policies and programmes into national development plans including the facilitation of policy coordination between local, national and regional decision making levels. Environmental Rights as enshrined in the Constitution and the dictates of the Vision 2030 will be rigorously implemented.

With the discovery of oil reserves, Kenya joins the league of resource-rich developing countries and this provides an opportunity to promote economic and social development, build human capital, and reduce infrastructure gaps. Managing those resources effectively is therefore a critical policy issue for Peter Kenneth, but a challenging one if the literature on the “resource curse” for many countries is anything to go by.

Policies to reduce land fragmentation must be put in place.